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Hello Tumblr! I haven’t seen you in awhile

Kay so I’ve been struggling with anger and frustration a lot lately and have a question for some of you people out there. How do you stick to your values and morals and not explode or act in a non-Christian way when you’re at your boiling point? I’ve been sort of disappointing myself as of late and haven’t been very Christian like; any advice on how I can improve my temper and feel better? If you aren’t Christian or religious I’d still love feedback…I’m seriously struggle bussing and I need some help and advice!

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  1. starstruckpassionate answered: pray pray pray pray pray!!
  2. bbtheoneandonly answered: Write. Whatever you may want to scream at someone or lash out just write it down & either keep a journal or just throw it away. And PRAY!
  3. colormeorangecuhh answered: theres no such thing as “christian like” but i do understand what you mean. Sometimes its hard to do the right thing, bt when you get that
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